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The Joy of Exercise: A Guest Blog by Sr. Suchness

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I asked Sr. Suchness, or Leslie, to be a regular guest blogger for Savor as she is a yoga teacher and former nun. She is currently studying at Harvard University’s School of Divinity for a Master’s degree in Buddhism. I am very happy to welcome her to the Savor Sangha.


The Present Moment Is Available: Enjoy the wonders of life, one slice at a time.

 Dear Savor friends,

I’m happy to share with you a beautiful display of one of Thay’s classic teachings that I saw at the Plum Village 30th anniversary celebration exhibit:

Thay teaches about meditation and being in the present moment so that we can enjoy the wonders of life.

Mindful Movement to Awaken the Body, Mind & Spirit

Mindful movements offer tremendous benefit to the mind, body and spirit. Breathing consciously through a physical flow, our entire being is present - connected and working in whole, for greater well-being. 

A Visual Poem of Inter-being

Thay asks us to transform our garbage and in so doing, encourage the growth of our internal flower. But how?

The Four Noble Truths: A roadmap to reflection & transformation

The Buddha offered many teachings to help people end their suffering, the first and most important being the Four Noble Truths. They offer us a structure with which to reflect upon our suffering and transform it through conscious action. Whatever form your suffering takes—stress, anxiety, weight gain, addiction, conflict, or something else—thoughtful consideration of these truths will help.

1.   All of us have suffering in our lives.

2.   We can identify the causes of our suffering.

There Is No Separate Self

In SAVOR, we discuss the notions of self and other that mislead our understanding of the true nature of reality.

We Are Our Environment – A Conversation with Thich Nhat Hanh

In the video below, Thay explains that to save our planet we must realize we are part of it.

In modern western culture, life is dominated by thinking. We are alienated from our physical bodies and our connection to this physical place. But there is no separation between ourselves and the environment.

An Introduction to Mindfulness

I offer you this blog as a place to begin if you are new to mindfulness, and a place to return if you are a meditator who has fallen out of practice. We all face hardships that sometimes block us from our internal light. Please use this post to touch base with yourself and begin afresh. In this moment, you have everything necessary to live fully and truly.


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