We Are Our Environment – A Conversation with Thich Nhat Hanh

In the video below, Thay explains that to save our planet we must realize we are part of it.

In modern western culture, life is dominated by thinking. We are alienated from our physical bodies and our connection to this physical place. But there is no separation between ourselves and the environment.

We are nurtured by the fruits of earth’s soil, we drink the oceans and we breathe the trees’ oxygen. The earth gives life to all, without discrimination. If we consider everything the earth offers us in each moment, we may realize that we're composed of the earth – and the earth is composed of us. We are the same.

From this realization, we may begin to act with true compassion. We cannot stop at recycling and water preservation – though this is a good start. Everything we do has an effect on our planet, and therefore on us. Let us hold this truth within us, so we may naturally act with great compassion for all living beings, including ourselves.