Mindful Movement to Awaken the Body, Mind & Spirit

Mindful movements offer tremendous benefit to the mind, body and spirit. Breathing consciously through a physical flow, our entire being is present - connected and working in whole, for greater well-being. 

Enjoy this simple exercise a couple of times each day to feel instant positive results. 
This quick, do-anywhere exercise is perfect for those of us who spend a large part of the work-day sitting. There is scientific evidence that sitting for too long is detrimental to our health. Rising to stretch every hour or so, can have a large and lasting positive impact on our health. 
For increased spiritual benefit, you may wish to consider what the earth and sky offer, while practicing this exercise: With our feet firmly planted on the ground, we are strong, steady and grounded like an oak tree. As our arms rise to reach the sky, we feel that there is no limit to the love and peace we can achieve. Endless possibilities greet our fingertips, when we embrace the present moment.
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