The Present Moment Is Available: Enjoy the wonders of life, one slice at a time.

 Dear Savor friends,

I’m happy to share with you a beautiful display of one of Thay’s classic teachings that I saw at the Plum Village 30th anniversary celebration exhibit:

Thay teaches about meditation and being in the present moment so that we can enjoy the wonders of life.

When we are present with the tangerine, the tangerine becomes real to us and we are present to life. If we can enjoy the whole time we eat a tangerine from beginning to end; taking our time to peel the skin, to smell its scent, and to savor each slice in our mouth; we have a good chance to practice living life in a more spirited and vivacious way.

Each slice of the tangerine is like each segment of the day, each hour, or each moment.  If we are careful and mindful, we can be more conscious and enjoy every moment’s sweetness.

What are your favorite mindful moments that allow you to touch the wonders of life?