A Visual Poem of Inter-being

Thay asks us to transform our garbage and in so doing, encourage the growth of our internal flower. But how?

“To understand and transform our suffering, we need to use a step by step process of deep observation – just like a scientists does in a laboratory. We start by being aware of and acknowledging our suffering… We must make an effort to stop our busy lives for a moment and become aware of our suffering – something most of us try to avoid and resist. Instead, we need to embrace and accept the pain we feel… Next, we must realize that the suffering inside us isn’t just something we are looking at from the outside: We are that block of suffering. We become one with our suffering just as the scientific observer becomes one with the objects of his investigation, and this amalgam is the key to transforming and relieving our misery,” (Savor, Pg. 67).

This excerpt is taken from Savor, Chapter 4: a guide to being fully present. You may also enjoy chapter 3 (particularly pages 58-65), which explains how to cultivate more peace in the garden of our consciousness.

What does this poem make you think and feel?  We look forward to your sharing.

 - Lilian

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Image adapted from Clearly Ambigous' photo.