Taste The (Natural) Rainbow

rainbow of produce

It’s no coincidence that kale, spinach and broccoli offer the body similar nutrients that protect cardiovascular health while oranges, kumquats, carrots, and pumpkins contain antioxidants like vitamin C and beta carotene. Vibrant fruits and veggies lure us to enjoy a rainbow of nutritional support.

Whole Health Immune Boosters

Cold and flew season has crept up again! It’s time we get back to the basics that support a healthy immune system. Most of us don’t have mom in tow to remind us of the essentials, and when life gets busy, it’s easy to forget just how important practical prevention is….until we’re lying in bed sniffling.

Enjoy this list of familiar favorites, with a mindful twist, for staving off the common cold. 

Top 10 Sources of Sodium & Tasty Tricks to Avoid Them

cheese, salt, sodium

Americans ingest too much salt and it’s threatening our health. So how do we cut down? Salt is ingrained in our habit energy around eating and we must consciously form new healthy patterns.

What Does a Nutritionist Eat?

blueberries, mint, healthy snacks, groceries, food, mindful eating

Below is snapshot of the food in my kitchen today. I hope this offers you some inspiration for delicious/healthy snacks and ingredients. Enjoy!

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