Wellness Resolutions In Action: Developing Your inEating Plan

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You have set goals to nurture your body this year. You may have identified strategies to achieve these goals: exercise, eat mindfully, meditate, cook more, choose healthier drinks. Now, let’s plan the specific steps we will take to implement these strategies. Creating such a plan can help us link our intentions to our actions, so that we can form new habits.

Become A Part Time Buddha

Buddha is a Sanskrit word for the one who is awake. 

Anyone can become a Buddha, as Thich Nhat Hanh says:

"When you begin to practice Buddhism you begin as a part-time buddha and slowly you become a full-time buddha. Sometimes you fall back and become a part-time buddha again, but with steady practice you become a full-time buddha again. Buddhahood is within reach because, like the Buddha, you’re a human being. You can become a buddha whenever you like; the Buddha is available in the here and now, anytime, anywhere."

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