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Healthy Cooking is a Family Affair by Susan Guillory

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Spring is upon us. It’s time to come out of our winter sluggishness and get moving! Find your closest farm, farmer's market or CSA. What better way to shop mindfully than close to nature and the source? The adventure is an ideal family outing. Everyone can enjoy nutritious, beautiful produce that delights the senses while young ones learn how to shop mindfully and develop healthy eating habits.

Guilt Free Treat: Raw, Organic, Vegan Brownies

healthy raw vegan brownies

Is it possible – guilt free brownies? Oh Yes. These rich morsels satisfy our sweet tooth and pose no threat to our waistline or our health. Four simple ingredients combine for chewy, sweet, chocolate squares that are ready to eat in less than thirty minutes.

Think it’s too good to be true? I did too until my friend Kelsey showed me how it’s done:


Vegan Gumbo & Cajun Brown Rice by Susan Guillory


Last month I was in the city of my birth, New Orleans, Louisiana. Everywhere were preparations for Mardi Gras celebrations, which included many decadent and delicious foods like "king cakes", pralines and bananas Foster. I was reminded of my youth and the purpose of Fat Tuesday: to have one last fling before lent commences the next day.

A Mindful Thanksgiving

 Mindful Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a holiday of reflection, community and great food! Seize this opportunity to share mindful eating with loved ones and reinforce your mindful habits.

Savor & Share Recipe Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the Savor & Share Recipe Contest. Their recipes are delicious examples of how healthful, vegan meals need not sacrifice taste or time.

Keeping health, ease and taste in mind, our distinguished contest judges, Mollie Katzen, Martha Rose Shulman, Dr. Melanie Lane, and Judith Kingsbury chose their favorite dishes from our community’s top picks.

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