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How can I get over being so judgmental?

Q. How can I get over being so judgmental?

A. When we look at a human being, we look deeply enough to see that an individual is made of many elements: society, education, parents, ancestors, culture and so on. If we don’t see all these elements, we don’t fully see the person. If he has the tendency to behave in a negative manner, it doesn’t mean that he liked to behave that way, but that he may be a victim of transmission. The negative seeds in him may have been transmitted to him by his society, his parents, his ancestors, or his culture.

Q & A with Thich Nhat Hanh: Compassionate Listening

Q:  I’ve been practicing compassionate listening but it is very difficult to listen to people who rant and rave.  How long is it necessary to practice compassionate listening?

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