Q & A With Thich Nhat Hanh: Why Is Practicing Mindfulness So Important?

Why is practicing mindfulness so important?

Everyone is capable of being mindful.  Everyone is mindful to a certain extent. The question is how to be more mindful. Many people are lost in worries about the future and regrets about the past. They are caught up in their projects and their fantasies, and their minds are not connected to their bodies. If the body is not united with the mind, we are not really alive. Mindful walking and mindful breathing help bring the mind back to the body, so we can be truly present in the here and now and become truly alive. Practicing mindfulness can be a kind of resurrection; suddenly, you become alive again. Mindfulness increases concentration and allows us to see things more deeply and stop being victims of wrong perception. We will create less suffering for ourselves and for other people. We will begin to taste the joy of living and help others to enjoy their daily lives. We cannot force people to practice mindfulness, but if we practice and become happy, we can inspire others to practice.