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“More Matters;” “Fill Half Your Plate;” “Go for Color.”

Phrases like these, developed and disseminated by public health advocates, have become the rhetoric in nutritional guidance surrounding the consumption of fruits and vegetables—and for good reason!

Interconnectedness: the Theme of the 2014 EAT Stockholm Forum

I just returned from Stockholm after attending the 2014 EAT Food Forum.  The main objective of the Forum is to generate new, integrated knowledge and insights and to spur innovation along the value chain towards healthier and more sustainable food and production practices. 

Participants from all over the world joined in the discussion, including video addresses from Prince Charles of United Kingdom and Margaret Chan, Director-General of the World Health Organization.

Letting Go of Resistance

changessmall.jpg The saying that “we’re creatures of habit” is one we can often relate to. In the unconscious comfort of routine, we mindlessly fall back to what’s familiar, sometimes not even recognizing the habit until we are approaching change. How often do you find yourself resisting trying something new? You may debate in your mind whether or not you should stay in your current job or situation, sticking with the status-quo. Perhaps this dilemma contributes to the stress that you later try to solve with comfort foods.

Are Social Media Moods Contagious?

It’s well known that happiness and other emotions can affect others through face-to-face interaction, but what happens when the conversation takes place through text on a screen, and our mood is instead represented by :) or :( ?

A recent study shows that moods can, in fact, spread virally through social media.

Mindful Eating & Mindful Living at Wanderlust

Last August I traveled to Whistler, British Columbia, to speak at Wanderlust—a festival that aims to “create a community around mindful living.” By focusing on diverse experiences like practicing yoga, eating well, being green, practicing purpose, creating awareness, and showcasing art, the event allows participants to deepen their mindfulness practice and enhance their approach to healthy living.  

De-Stress Instantly at Work


During an eight-hour workday we each take about 8,000 breaths. This is great news. We have 8,000 opportunities to touch peace, creativity and productivity.

Mindful Movement to Awaken the Body, Mind & Spirit

Mindful movements offer tremendous benefit to the mind, body and spirit. Breathing consciously through a physical flow, our entire being is present - connected and working in whole, for greater well-being. 

Alternative Exercise

Are you feeling bored or stuck in your workout routine?

When we consider fitness options, the popular means of exercise come to mind: running, lifting weights, yoga… but what if none of these activities sounds like fun?

You may think - “fun? Exercise is not supposed to be fun." But visitors to the House of Air, the indoor trampoline park in San Francisco, beg to differ. They burn calories by jumping, taking aerial training classes, or playing trampoline dodge-ball.


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