Mindful Eating & Mindful Living at Wanderlust

Last August I traveled to Whistler, British Columbia, to speak at Wanderlust—a festival that aims to “create a community around mindful living.” By focusing on diverse experiences like practicing yoga, eating well, being green, practicing purpose, creating awareness, and showcasing art, the event allows participants to deepen their mindfulness practice and enhance their approach to healthy living.  

The setting was breathtaking with the majestic mountains and tall evergreen Canadian Pine trees.  The former 2010 Winter Olympics Village buzzed with yogis, artists, musicians, and chefs from all over the world.  I was very impressed by the nutritional quality of beverages and food that was sold.

In a dimly lit, packed auditorium styled like a “speakeasy,” I discussed mindful eating as well as easy ways to sneak-in mindfulness into daily life. You can enjoy the talk below, or read some key highlights from the presentation on the Wanderlust site.