Your Healthy Weight Mission Statement

Make a serious pledge to yourself. Begin writing a personal healthy-weight mission statement. This mission statement is a symbol and reminder of your commitment and can help you see more clearly what you intend to achieve. As you go through this healthy-weight journey, return to your healthy-weight mission statement periodically to help you focus, get inspired, renew your ongoing commitment, and stay on track. You may also like to post it where you can read it often.

My Healthy Weight Mission Statement

Your mission statement for healthy weight and well-being should be made up of concrete, achievable goals. It should begin broadly with what you want to achieve overall and then have some more specific goals you can work toward along the way to your ultimate goal.

My Mission Statement for Healthy Weight and Well-Being

Through being more mindful and paying better attention to my health and well-being, I will lose 25 pounds by _________, and keep it off over the following year and beyond. (insert date)

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