Free Meditation Resources In Your Community. As Requested!

To all of the mindful practitioners who requested resources in your home town- I offer these suggestions: free meditation practice in your community. I hope you find these resources useful and convenient.

What are other mindfulness tools you utilize? Please share them with our community here on the Savor Blog. If you're new to this discussion and looking for support in your home town, let us know. We are here to help each other touch greater peace and happiness.

Thich Nhat Hanh has Sanghas all over the world, many of which reside in communities within the United States. To contact the Sangha near you visit:

• The Lion’s Roar Dharma Center in Sacramento, CA provides meditation
instruction specifically designed for people with daily work, school or family
commitments. Their programs are designed to include all level of practitioners.

• The Lotus Garden Meditation Center in Sacramento, CA welcomes you into a
tranquil world amidst waterfalls, lush trees, koi ponds and lotus gardens, offering
four meditation classes a week.

• The Shambhala Meditation Center in San Francisco offers meditation courses
every week on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and at Sunday's Open House.                                                                     

District of Columbia

• Shambhala Meditation Center of Washington, DC offers weekly classes providing
instructions and support for mindfulness meditation practice. Classes are tailored to fit all levels of practitioners and are open to the public.

• The Shambhala Meditation Group in Tampa/St/Petersburg, FL offers weekly
public meditation on Sunday nights, a core curriculum of Buddhist and
Shambhala teachings, as well as instruction in advanced contemplative


• Kadampa Meditation Center Georgia, formerly Rameshori Kadampa Buddhist
Center, offeres meditation programs suitable for all levels of interest and
experience through the Atlanta and the Southeast areas.

• Sahaja Meditation in Chicago offers free meditation classes and programs
for individuals and institutions throughout the greater Chicago area.
Introductory classes available as well as classes in English and Spanish.

• Sahaja Meditation in St. Louis offers free meditation classes on a monthly basis.
These classes are conveniently held at the St. Louis County Library.

New Jersey

• Sahaja Meditation in of New Jersey offers free weekly meditation classes
in the cities of Edgewater/Teaneck, Edison, Hackensack, and Old Bridge.

New York
• Chakrasambara Buddhist Center is a Kadampa Buddhist Meditation Center in
New York City. Located in Chelsea, the center provides meditation classes and
teachings throughout NYC and the greater New York area including Brooklyn,
Queens, New Jersey, Upper West and East sides of Manhattan.

Rhode Island

• The Shambhala Meditation Center of Providence, Rhode Island offers weekly
public meditation, a core curriculum of Buddhist and Shambhala teachings, as
well as instruction in advanced contemplative practices.


• Sahaja Meditation in Richmond, Virginia offers free programs and meditation
classes to communities, companies, social organization, and schools. Their
classes take in various parks and valleys throughout the city.

• Free Meditation Seattle offers a meditation class suitable for beginners every
Wednesday night at Thai Exotic Importers in Pioneer Square and every Tuesday
and Thursday night at Seattle Meditation Center in Mountlake Terrace from 7.00-
8.30 PM.

Other Resources

• For links to other free meditation resources across the U.S. visit:



And in Maine:
Open Heart Sangha - Yarmoth and Bath
Peaceful Heart Sangha - Augusta
Mountain heart Sangha - Bethel
Still Water Sangha - Bangor
True heart Sangha - Camden

It would be great to have you in Perú :)

Ah...Oregon what wounderful to meditate..alone sorry to say. We live in Macminville, out side of Portland in wine country.

There are free online audio meditations here that may help guide you, in any location:

The link to The Lotus Garden Meditation Center in Sacramento doesn't work.
Thank you for this page.
Here in Rome we have several practice groups, but not a public website with information on them, so far.
Italian practitioners, please refer to
paolo - rome - italy

Thank you Paolo, here is the correct link for Lotus Meditation Center in Sacramento:

Here is a wonderful meditation group directory for Australia as well:

Clear Water Zen Center; Clearwater, FL

the post above suggesting links in Australia reports in my Chrome browser as linking to a site that contains malware. May be advisable to delete that post if that is the case