Mindfulness in the Office

mindfulness in the office

Work environments are not always easy places to remember and engage in our mindful practice. It is important to act mindfully in this space though, as it will bring more peace, happiness AND productivity. When we act mindfully, we form better relationships with our co-workers, respect our body’s need for movement, listen to signs of hunger and fatigue and ultimately we are better at our jobs.

Here are some tools that encourage mindfulness in the work place:

  • Stretch between meetings, periods of sitting in front of your computer and presentations. Reference the section in Savor on mindful movements for ideas: Pg. 173.
  • Take brief walks when possible- even a walk around the office will get your blood circulating and give your brain a rest.
  • Transform your desk into a mindful space by featuring reminders to stop, breathe and listen to your body. This could mean a reminder sticky note, a stress ball or a relaxing photo.
  • Replace unhealthy desk foods with fulfilling snacks like nuts, fruit or granola.
  • Keep a water bottle at your work station.
  • Keep Savor, or your favorite book of meditations, close by so you can reference work related meditations when you’re feeling stressed or anxious. Examples of work meditations in Savor:

    • Pg. 194 Internet mediation
    • Pg. 190 light switch meditation
  • Instead of having lunch delivered and eating at your desk, take a few minutes to walk to a near-by restaurant. Even if you don’t have to time to enjoy your meal there, you get a walk and maybe even enjoy a few mindful bites in the park or on a bench, before taking the rest back to your office.
  • Take 5 with a co-worker and walk to a near-by coffee shop.
  • Replace that 2nd cup of coffee with tea.
  • Take the stairs.
  • Cut down on multi-tasking.

What mindful working tools do you find effective?

Photo by healingdream from FreeDigitalPhotos.net


All the tips are amazingly true,
Each of them mindfully energy renew.
Though we know what to do
We need to practise them a new.
Thanks for putting it here on line
A print of this will do just fine
On my workplace softboard it will go
Surely Mindfulness in me will glow!

Thank you once again for refreshing my memory!

I made a picture of Thay, smiling encouragingly and looking solid enough for both of us, my desktop background. Whenever I click to my desktop, his smiling face serves as a mindfulness bell. Also, at times of stress, looking at his relaxed, peaceful face reminds me that I am loved, I am safe.