Your inMoving Plan

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Nowadays, we tend to sit more, staring at the screen instead of moving around. Create your own inMoving plan  to help you stay active and feel better by asking yourself a few questions:

1. Why do you want to be more physically active?

2. How do you feel when you are really sedentary, sitting almost the whole day?

3. How do you feel after you have danced, ridden your bike or taken a brisk walk outdoors?

4. Realistically, how much time can you set aside to be more active? Even 10 minutes here and there throughout the day counts.

5. What are 2 or 3 obstacles that make it hard for you to be active?

  •  What are a couple of ways around each of these?

6. What are your mindful moving words?

  •  Choose a line, two lines or all the lines from a favorite meditation (like the walking meditation, pg. 170) to focus on while you are doing your exercise of choice.  Or for each step, say silently to yourself:  Peace is every step.

As we use our body more and use gadgets and automobiles less, we burn calories while reducing our ecological footprint. :)

What’s one of your realistic inMoving goals that will make you feel better?

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What I have found incredibly helpful is participating in an activity that fulfills multiple needs:

My husband, daughter and I go to kung fu classes together. It's family time.

Kung fu is an intense work out, and it's an excellent education in self defense.

We are part of a community at our school, so we get to socialize with other families.

It has also helped build confidence for all three of us as we achieve each new stripe and belt.

My daughter is learning about discipline, courtesy, and respect - skills that will serve her well in adulthood.

The list goes on and on...

When you have something that fills so many needs, you want to participate in it and look forward to it, even if the workouts are really hard. In fact, I don't like to miss it, and that's something new for me. I always used to dread going to the gym, and I eventually burned out. I can't imagine that happening with kung fu, because there's always something new to learn and master.

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