Walking Inspiration: Explore Beautiful Trails Near You

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I love to walk and enjoy nature. A mindful connection between my feet and the earth reminds me that I am intertwined with an abundance of beauty- a mutually supportive world that I give to and receive from, with every breath.

Despite the knowledge that walking brings me joy, I often need a reminder to prioritize this activity and an incentive to get out the door.

I have found a wonderful tool that I’d like to share with you: Trails.com. This directory of trails for:

  •  walking
  •  biking
  •  hiking
  •  bird watching
  •  and much more..

makes choosing a special walk easy and fun. Plus the descriptions get me excited and I wait for Saturday in anticipation of going to see an old mill town, enjoying the coast’s surf, or exploring a new part of Boston.

I like Trails.com because it’s very user-friendly and free. You can search by state or preferred activity and they will offer a map of available trails in your area. Thorough information about length, terrain, needed supplies and scenery is explained, so you can adventure comfortably.

Remember to enter your exercise in your mindful living log! (Savor, Page 201)

Photo by Arvind Balaraman from freedigitalphotos.net