Savoring the Signs of Spring

The transformation is subtle at the start, yet slowly but surely, Spring invites us to experience life's renewal through its many sights, sounds, smells, textures, and tastes. If we pause to notice these changes, then we may remember the nature of our existence: All is impermanent.

Thank you to all who planted themselves in the present moment and shared their #savorsignsofspring photos with the SAVOR community:

SAVOR the new life revealed by melting snow and ice:
(photo credit: Flickr user zaveqna)

SAVOR the fresh spring rain:
(photo credit: Flickr user Neil_Schofield)

SAVOR the return of migrant birds and other animal life:
(photo credit: Flickr user Bruce_Barrett)

SAVOR the freshness of new spring vegetables:
(photo credit: Flickr user KimManleyOrt)


SAVOR the gradual return of color to the landscape, as flower and plants of all kinds come into bloom:

 (photo credit: SAVOR facebook community member Roxana Maria Baciu)

 (photo credit: SAVOR facebook community member Carol Nieuwland-Goss)