A Mindful Dessert Experience

Over the past two days I attended the National Business Group on Health’s leadership Summit, What’s Next: Innovative Practices Driving Employee Health & PerformanceThe goal of the annual conference is to bring together corporate leaders to explore new and effective ways for improving employee health and well-being. I was so impressed by the generosity and open-mindedness of these individuals, as they were not only happy to share what practices have benefited their workforce, but also displayed serious interest in implementing strategies that differ from the norm. I presented on mindful living and led participants in a mindful eating dessert experience with some beautiful, high-quality treats at the end of their lunch. As the concept of mindfulness grows in popularity, it’s encouraging to hear feedback from corporate leaders who are interested in adapting this ancient technique into the workplaces of today.
As I’ve discussed before, small desserts are great for savoring as they are so rich in flavor, and as you eat them mindfully, you may find that just a few bites are enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. So whether you are designing a nation-wide wellness program for 40 thousand or eating at home with your family of four, here are some reminders to savor.
As you chew the dessert, do the best you can to have nothing in your mind except your awareness and thoughts about the food you are eating:  no projects, no deadlines, no to-do list, no worries, no past, no future.  

Eating this way, not only would you taste and digest the food better, you would begin to sense the pleasure and freedom from anxiety for these moments.  You get to experience even briefly, what a life lived in mindfulness can offer.

Give thanks to all the people and elements that made the dessert possible, the sun, the clouds, the rain, the fertile soil that allowed the ingredients to grow, the people who harvested the foods, the truck drivers, the chefs and so forth.

Eating mindfully this way with full awareness, we see the entire universe is supporting our existence.