Welcoming Winter

As days roll on in the northern hemisphere, we’ll soon be welcoming the official start of winter. Until the solstice on December 21st, sunlight will continue to wane, reminding us that even the earth and sun are ever-changing.

In darkened nights we may enjoy our less-dominant senses: the soft crunch of footsteps in freshly fallen snow, the fragrance of simmering soup, or the warmth from holding a mug of tea. Invite the dimming of sight and the calm of cold. 

Let’s savor the stillness of early evenings, with thoughtful dinners and relaxation. We may share this time with loved ones, or choose to practice self-care. It is also a great time to go inward--to reflect on the past few months, sort out what has been on our minds, or realize our aspirations for the new year.

I’m glad to share with you some of my favorite seasonal images. The photo of the snow-covered path is my desktop wallpaper. On dark mornings when I sit down to work bleary-eyed, I see this photo and smile. It reminds that all is impermanent--even the cold, even the darkness. And I am compelled to savor it all.