The Mindful Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver

On May 22, I had the pleasure of talking with Jamie Oliver after he received the Healthy Cup Award from the Harvard School of Public Health. He is as warm-hearted and compassionate in person as he is on TV, and I was touched by his fervor to help kids around the world lead healthier, longer lives.

I came away from our meeting understanding one point above all else: He inspires each and every person to take responsibility for transforming our food system.

In his Harvard address, Jamie said the following:

“This problem is complex, there is not one answer. There is not a single country in the world that is dealing with this epidemic. We are a world obsessed with sustainability, but we are not sustainable. We’re doing a great job of killing ourselves pretty efficiently…and still nothing truly radical is happening in the government…. Our only hope, I believe, is the public.”

And he is rallying the public, with everything from Food Revolution Day on May 19th, which engaged 69 cities in its first year, to opening this inspiring dialog on Instagram the same day we met:

jamie oliver instagram  

The post received 896 comments. Here's a few of them:

“I knew where my meat came from and the animals are treated with respect.”
“Children and parents gardened veggies together.”
“The value of fresh water would be taught since kindergarten and aqueducts would be built to reach the drought ridden fields of every village.”
“Mothers wouldn’t feed Coca-Cola in bottles to their babies.”
“Kids would learn cooking skills at school.”
“Families have time to sit down once a week.”
“When you read the back of food packaging or you heard a TV advertisement it would actually be the whole truth.”
“The fast food industry would not only spend billions of dollars marketing highly processed junk foods but passionately promote fresh fruits, veggies and salads in a cool tasty way.”
“Hunger and obesity did not live 2 miles away from each other.”
“The FDA and USDA actually spent time looking after only children interests and not special interest’s money.”
“Kids have more than 23 minutes for lunch.”
“The biggest cause of death wasn’t self inflicted through food.”

I’d like to continue this dialog here, in the Savor community, as I know we have much to contribute.

Imagine A World Where….

All people have easy access to healthy foods and drinks as well as opportunities to stay active where they live, play or work.

All food and beverage companies would only create and market tasty and healthy foods and drinks…

Here’s where you come in! Please comment below with your ending, and enjoy Jamie Oliver's Harvard Address.