Mindful Cooking Exercise

mindful cooking

Cooking can be one of the most peaceful, mindful and loving of acts. But often we are stressed when preparing food.  We’re racing the clock.  We’re hungry – perhaps too hungry, uncomfortably so.  or past the point of hunger when preparing food. This can turn a beautiful act into a chore. And the unpleasant feelings we cultivate in the kitchen may manifest in our creations.

In this brief audio meditation Thich Nhat Hanh speaks of organizing one’s life in a way that allows for leisurely, peaceful cooking. You may wish to listen to this before you prepare dinner.

Enjoy the time you have in the kitchen and remember cooking is an opportunity to share goodness with your loved ones.

Cooking with friends and family can be a soothing break from solitary, task driven time in the kitchen. Maybe it’s time to invite those who bring you happiness into the kitchen for a celebration of creativity and health.

Seize this opportunity to form or rejuvenate your mindful eating sangha. You and your friends, family or co-workers can recommit to healthful cooking and eating with an evening of mindful cooking!

Photo by healingdream from Freedigitalphotos.net