The Joy of Dancing

Incorporating mindful movement/exercise into our lives should always be this fun! Dance is a natural, dynamic form of expression that can also provide quite a work out.

The mental release provoked by dance is often good for clearing the mind, allowing us to focus on and enjoy movement. Opportunities to experience dance are countless and ever expanding, so you can find a style that works toward your healthy living goals.

Two forms of dance I’ve recently become fond of are:

Creative Dance - encourages natural movements, including stretches and positions we practiced in utero and on the floor as toddlers.

Chakra Dance - focuses on introspection, reflection and releasing the creative spirit. This form mixes yoga poses, journaling, self-inquiry and expressive dance.

Especially in the summer and early fall months, studios hold outdoor community workshops, a great way to shake a leg, enjoy nature and try something new.

Learning a new partner dance, like swing or salsa is also a great way get your heart pumping, spend time with someone you love and meet new people.

Of course, nothing beats enjoying the freedom of an empty house and your favorite song.

Whatever form you choose, take the time to enjoy and nurture your own natural rhythm.