Part Time Buddha: Be An Agent of Change

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Your surroundings influence you and you influence your surroundings. This seemingly obvious statement often gets lost in our daily shuffle, but the implications of this relationship are important to understanding our own agency.

We all influence our social environment, our physical environment and our society at large, whether we act intentionally or not. This power is bestowed upon us from birth and we choose how to use it, in every moment, (refer to healthy eating and active living web- Savor, Pg. 226).

If we are mindful in our actions we can have a positive impact on our friends, family, co-workers, community and even strangers! What change would you like to see in your life? Would you like to support the healthy eating and healthy living movement? NOW is a great time as there is momentum all over the U.S. (with leadership from our first lady Mrs. Obama) and in many other countries around the world including Australia, France, Germany, Singapore, and the UK.

A good place to begin is your immediate environment, (see Savor, Pg. 233). What elements are missing from your

  • home environment
  • workplace
  • local community

that prevent you from nurturing your body and your spirit? Other people in your community will be looking for similar resources. You can acknowledge and cultivate them!

Inspiration: Free Wheelin Farm is a wonderful source of inspiration for doing what you love and giving to your community in the process. Enjoy their website and let it activate your creativity…

This is just one way we can become part-time Buddhas!

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Dear Lillian, Thanks so much for these reminders. Your care and support are much appreciated!