Food For Thought & A Savoring Meditation

I enjoy this Sunday and contemplate the beauty of each moment. I drink a cup of tea and consider the vapors that move through my nose and mouth, the tea soothes my throat, calms my mind and warms my being.

A Sunday Reflection for Savoring:

The past is already gone.
It is not the present.
With each present moment, there is an opportunity of a new beginning.

Seize it!


I take this knowledge with me throughout the day and smile to myself,
knowing the great power of every breath, every movement and a constant commitment
 to this time and place, where I exist and am capable of change.

With our busy lives, it is important to take a day, an hour, a moment
to recognize the impermanence of our lives. Impermanence gives us the
freedom to change, to set a new direction. Whether it be starting a
new exercise routine or committing to incremental healthy changes in
our diet, our recognition of the present moment is the key to
implementing and engaging change. I offer you this Sunday reflection
and hope you find great freedom in this moment.

Enjoy your present self!
What do you feel? What do you know?
Please share your thoughts, I look forward to a mutual contemplation.

All the best,



Good point. I hadn't thouhgt about it quite that way. :)