The Savor Community: your Savor sangha meeting place

How many times have we tried to lose weight, started a healthy routine and begun to slip and slide. The pounds we lost all come back even though we thought we had the will power. We were determined and yet, whenever we encountered an unexpected curve ball in life, like having problems at work or discord in the family, we got off track without even noticing.

We can help each other sustain our good intentions to eat well and move every day with the support of a mindful community dedicated to a central purpose. The Savor Community. This community will be there for us whenever we have a hard time sticking with our goals and listen to us as well as offer helpful tips. We will share frustrations and embrace one another's hopes and dreams with open hearts.

Our Savor mindful community aspires to be a place where anyone who is struggling with their weight may feel at home. This home offers a safe haven for us to candidly share our bumps in life and find solace in knowing that we're not alone in our quest. Together, we can face our healthy living challenges.

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