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More Than Exercise, Yoga is Union

A note from Lilian:

Yoga and mindfulness are intimately intertwined. I find great value in the practice of yoga, and I know many of our community members do as well. I asked Marti Yura, a yoga teacher and studio owner, to share with us the most important lesson she's learned so far as a yogi.


Blueberries’ Healthy Bounty

Blueberries are a favorite fruit of mine. They’re delicious and healthful – packed with fiber and antioxidants. For me, their bloom signifies that summer has truly begun.

Farmers markets and CSA boxes: seasonal, local food for summer!

Summer has arrived in the northern hemisphere, with an abundance of seasonal gifts!  Farmers markets are brimming with delicious vegetables and fruits.  This is a great opportunity for us to purchase seasonal, fresh produce directly from our local farmers.  Farmers markets also provide us a chance to get outside and socialize with our community.

There Is No Separate Self

In SAVOR, we discuss the notions of self and other that mislead our understanding of the true nature of reality.

Spring Equinox

At 1:14 AM E.D.T. the sun crossed directly over Earth’s equator, marking the changing of seasons from winter to spring in the Northern hemisphere. In celebration of this wondrous season of abundance, please enjoy this poetic excerpt from Thay:

International Women’s Day Reflection & Love Meditation

Last week I celebrated International Women’s Day by considering all of the great women who work diligently each day to bring more love into their homes, communities, and the world at large: mothers, sisters, friends, teachers, activists, volunteers, authors, and more.

Women make up 73 percent of professionals in the nonprofit sector, 76 percent of public school teachers and 94 percent of nurses in the United States. Whether in our professional or personal life, we devote much of our attention to caring for others.

Kale Season


‘Tis the season of kale. Famers along the west coast of America are harvesting this cool-weather crop right now.

5 Mindful Ways to Enjoy the Holiday Season

1. Set an intention for this holiday season. It can be as broad or specific as you wish, but take a moment to consider how you’d like to spend this time and where you want to focus your time and energy. This simple action creates awareness, and will help you prioritize.

Interview with Mondo Samu Part 1: How losing 100 lbs through mindful eating has changed his life.

In this interview series we speak with Mondo Samu: a husband, father, devoted Savor reader and student of Thich Nhat Hanh who has lost over 100 lbs practicing mindful living. 

Savor: In your blog- you equate the amount of weight you’ve lost to the weight of 5 spare tires. Wow! How do you feel physically, mentally & emotionally, having lost 100 pounds?

Vegan Restaurant Review: Herbivore, Berkeley CA

Herbivore Shawarma

by Jen, San Francisco CA

One of my favorite vegan restaurants in Berkeley is Herbivore (with locations in San Francisco as well).  Herbivore offers affordable and filling meals -many entrees can be shared. Breakfast is served from 9am-2pm daily, during which you can try the southwestern tofu scramble, corn cakes, pancakes or French toast. The lunch/dinner menu is quite diverse, but they do some dishes much better than others. 


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