The Importance of a Supportive Community

Building a healthy, supportive community is very important to mindfulness practice. Within this caring community we are liberated from our perceptions of separateness. We are free to share our practice, our reflections and ourselves, openly. This nurturing environment allows us to let go of judgment and misperceptions because we know that in this group, there is positive company, love and support.

Plum Village explains the strength of a community (Sangha):

“We can relax into the collective wisdom and insights of the Sangha. We can see clearly that the Sangha eyes and hands and heart are greater than that of any individual member of the Sangha.”

Thay explains that community building is a thoughtful activity. We must be aware of the conditions necessary for our supportive community to thrive. The building of this group should be joyful and active. We must engage our fellow practitioners in the here and now. In this practice, we are naturally building our sangha. 

There are many resources available to us that can guide us through community building. Thay’s book, Joyfully Together , is a great place to start. The Plum Village website also has resources for sangha building.

The integration of our Savor Facebook Sangha and our sanghas at home is an ever-expanding way to share support and joy. Meditations, reflections, comments and notes shared are true points of connection that strengthen our practice.

Please share your thoughts and experiences with sangha building in the comments below  or on our Facebook Page. What resources have you found helpful? Where did you begin? What are some of the challenges you are facing?

Photo Credit: jermympheiler