Savor the Sights of Summer

At first the transition is gradual--each day a bit shorter, each night a bit cooler. Though before you know it, the leaves have turned color and a brand new season is upon us. As we go through the motions of each day, it's easy to forget that all things are impermanent, and the different seasons of the year serve as an excellent reminder to enjoy every moment.

Thank you to all who planted themselves in the present moment, savoring the vibrance of this wonderful season, and shared their #savorsummersights photos with the SAVOR community:

Boating on the Mckenzie River, Oregon (Photo Credit: SAVOR facebook community member Joanne Broh)

(Photo Credit: SAVOR facebook community member Brett Otis)

Oregon Coast (Photo Credit: SAVOR facebook community member Karen Goss)

California Poppies (Photo Credit: SAVOR facebook community member Barbara Griffin McKenna)

(Photo Credit: SAVOR facebook community member)